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H.L. Munn Lumber Co. Material Return Policy

Stock Products

Full credit is available for stock products returned in full resalable condition. For credit, the

product must have been invoiced from H.L. Munn Lumber Company within 90 days of return.

Special Order Products

Most special order products are non‐returnable and cannot receive credit. Special order

Windows, Cabinets, Trusses, Doors, Custom Milling, timbers and products from certain

manufacturers or suppliers cannot be returned for credit.

Please ask your sales person for the return policy on individual products before ordering.

Special order products that are returnable and are in resalable condition will incur a restocking

charge of 20% to 30% depending on the vendor policy. For credit, the product must have been invoiced from H.L. Munn Lumber Company within 90 days of return.


Damaged or missing items need to be reported within 5 days of delivery or no adjustment will

be made. Returned products must be in resalable condition. Resalable is defined as free from

scratches, nail holes, saw marks, dirt, or any other condition that distinguishes itself from its

original form. Any product sold in bundles must be returned in its original bundled form.

If items are non‐returnable for credit or are determined they are not in full resalable condition,

customers will be notified and products will be held for 5 business days for pick up by the

customer. An additional delivery fee will apply if items are returned to the job site.

Return Notification

The sales person who placed the original order should arrange a pick‐up or return. If you are

unsure whom to contact, please call our customer servivce desk at 515-232-2112 and refer to

the original invoice. Product may be returned to H.L. Munn Lumber Company between

7:30 am and 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00 am – 11:30 am on Saturdays.

Product PickUp

One of the services we provide is picking up material returns from your jobsite. Our goal is to

load the returned material safely and efficiently. Your cooperation is vital to our success and

will allow our delivery trucks to get back on the road so we can continue to make on time


How to Prepare Product for Returns

Materials need to be collected in one location and labeled for easy identification. Product must

be protected from the elements, neatly stacked, separated by type and placed on blocking for

easy pick up. This insures the safety of our drivers and maintains the original condition of the


These are examples of acceptable and not acceptable returns:



  • • Load should be properly stacked
  • • Pile should be on blocks and accessible for forklift




  • • Load is not stacked
  • • Not accessible by our equipment
  • • Many non‐returnable items in pile
  • • Materials should never be exposed to weather and damage
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