H.L. Munn Lumber Co.

Our Story

In 1891 Hiram Lester Munn, a Civil War veteran, arrived in Ames from the state of New York and opened H.L. Munn & Son supplying lumber and building materials to the community. Hiram's son Alfred Hershel "Fred" and Fred's son Hiram Axtell, later took over the business and by the 1950s had expanded the operation to five stores throughout Central Iowa.

In 1961, when Hiram Axtell died the family opted to sell the locations outside of Ames and Alfred "Fritz" Munn took ownership of the downtown Ames location. Alfred Munn passed away in 1985 and his son, Erik, is currently president of the company.

Throughout the years Munn Lumber has expanded into hardware and do-it-yourself products to supplement its existing contractor business. Additions included builders' hardware, tool, paint and rental departments to provide one-stop shopping to a diverse customer base.

In April of 1998, Munn Lumber moved out of its 1.4-acre downtown location to a 10-acre site at 901 Airport Road. Munn Lumber returned to its roots by targeting the contractor and commercial customers, stressing quality, service, a deep inventory of lumber and building materials and the basics in hardware. Our intent in making this change was to:

  • Differentiate us from our retail competition
  • Provide premium service and contractor quality products to a more focused customer base
  • Provide a comfortable, easy and efficient work environment for our associates
  • Give us a long-term viable business that can withstand any competitive issues that might come into our market

Munn Lumber now provides one-stop shopping for contractor and commercial customers with additional services including material estimating, delivery and installed sales. Our professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to providing products and services that make both our customers and our company more prosperous.

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